FLEXISEEL Canada began its operations in January 1997 while the computer workstations became popular in automobile dealerships, hospitals and industry in general. The largest property of our custom-made keyboard protects the resistance and flexibility, in addition to keeping them clean computer keyboards and protect, they are washable, disinfectable and can last a very long time.

Later, some of our customers have asked us if we could make their protector phone as the replacement cost of a phone was much more expensive and it is still the case today. We made it to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our customers are aware of the need to provide an environment where each employee is able to easily keep their own workstation and prevent infections.

For 5 years we are experiencing a steady growth in the healthcare sector, dental and hospital care as a result of the ease disinfect our key cover and guard our phones, in addition to protecting their gear.

Today FLEXISEEL Canada manufactures many computer keyboard protector that protects the phone and demand is increasingly growing.